Juiced & Wrapped With 4 Show Tour For Monark

Juiced & Wrapped With 4 Show Tour For Monark



Argon Animation Inc was super busy during the months of April and May 2016 jumping from Laguna to Cebu to Davao and lastly to Cagayan De Oro on a 4 day show with Juiced and Wrapped.


And yes we did it guys!

A special shout out to Raf, Judy, Lem and Abet for choosing Argon Animation laser light shows to add WOW to the event.


Including one grand finale as the heavens opened up with what was possible the heaviest rain I have seen for a few months, which was really an experience as we were in a tent in the middle of no where and as rain poured in from every angle, the show carried on in darkness and acoustic guitars!


It was a whole lot of fun!



Backstage-with-Monark-and Argon-Animation-Inc







Juiced And Wrapped (our client) were simply wonderful to work for...

And these 4 events were really challenging as the heat was incredible. We were outside in tents surrounded by heavy equipment as Monark launched one of it's latest pieces of equipment!


The show was an awesome combination of LED walls, dancers, singers lights, smoke and lasers all designed to show how incredible the Monark range of equipment is compared to ither brands and aptly called "Versus"


Argon Animation Inc with it's crew, Rian, Michael, Jane and myself supplied custom programmed images and logos projected with 2 units of 500mw argon laser. We provided all the shipping to each of the venues.


4 great events for an awesome client and we look forward to the roll out of more Monark equipment soon.

Juiced & Wrapped With 4 Show Tour for Monark

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