Laserman Philippines With Argon Animation Inc

Laserman Philippines With Argon Animation Inc



What happens when you mix Argon Animation, The Argonettes and The Laserman?

Only a new kind of show!

In a recent event in Manila, Argon Animation was contracted to provide an extra special kinda laser show! The client was very clear that they wanted something dynamic and WOW !

Well I am Tim Bennett - The Director of WOW !

Laserman Philippines - The Magician

So rising to the challenge, I got my 6 mirror dancers and our Laserman Philippines and we created a very unique show which got that audience pumping.

The product reveal, started with the very awesome and creative Maneuvers who started off with a stomp and the laser show and Argonettes segment came in very smoothly as if one continuous show.

The 6 Argonettes soon got the crowd cheering and then enter our Laserman Philippines in a tightly choreographed laser show. The highlight came right at the end of the show as we combined all the elements and then the laserman stepped back to make the product appear on stage as if by magic!

This was certainly a great lasershow and something I am looking forward to doing again soon!

Watch out for more amazing laser light shows from the Argonettes, Argon Animation and Laserman Philippines


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