Welcome To The Film Finance Club

Firstly I would like to thank you for joining me here at The Film Finance Club

I will be adding videos, transcripts and mp3 of interviews I hold on a regular basis so that you have some of the greatest minds in the film industry helping you as you make your movies.

These will be on an exclusive basis just for the Film Finance Club members.

First your free transcripts:



Film Product Placement

Your Free Film Product Placement Transcript

Film Marketing Event

Your Free Film Marketing Event Transcript

Film finance with Tim Bennett

Your Free Film Finance Solutions Transcript


 UNADVERTISED BONUS: The above 3 transcripts also come with free audio and video

Simply download the zip file by clicking on the images above!

And here is access to all the other bi-weekly recordings

 April 2013 Recordings


Georgia Hilton

Film finance With Georgia Hilton


Marketing A Movie With Michael Perlin


May 2013 Recordings

How To Find Investors for Film

Find Investors With Pete DeLorenzo

How To Finance A Film Using Other People's Money

How To Finance A Film Using Other People’s Money

June 2013 Recordings


The Film Finance Guide

The Film Finance Guide With Tom And Jason

How To Market A  Film

How To Market A Film With Social Media

July 2013 Recordings

Marketing A Movie With Braniding And Licensing

Marketing A Movie With Branding And Licensing

Financing A Film With Sticky Engagement

Financing A Film With Sticky Engagement

August 2013 Recordings


The Art Of Film Funding

The Art Of Film Funding With Carole Lee Dean

Film Finance With Roger Cotrell

Film Finance Solutions With Roger Cotrell

Watch out for more recordings and other amazing goodies coming soon! If you have any problems with the downloads, please let me know here

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