The lights dim..

A hush spreads across the audience...

Expectations grow...

The music pumps out, the lasers burst, the Argonette Mirror Dancers glow...

The room is wild, the crowd cheer...

The show HAS begun...!


Welcome To Argon Animation...


Argon Animation Inc - Gallery Large


Argon Animation Inc

Argon Animation has been the leader in The Philippines for special effects laser and is still the only company in The Philippines dedicated exclusively to laser show entertainment and special effects.

Camera… Action… Laser…

Links To:


Laser Philippines

Lasers and Waterscreens

Laser Gallery

Laser is a Unique form of Light!

There is no other form of light that can create Lissajous patters, circles, tunnels, beams and that you can write with and project complete animation sequences in real time, all choreographed to music, voice and other external mediums.

And it can also be done in 3D!

No other light can do all of that and much much more!

And no other company in The Philippines has been doing it longer than Argon Animation Inc.

In fact to this day, Argon Animation Inc still is the only registered company in The Philippines, dedicated exclusively to professional laser show production and special effects. (as far as we know)

Laser has been the passion of Tim Bennett for the last 21 years and Tim has been all over the world entertaining audiences from Buenos Aires to Seville, from London to Abu Dhabi, from Brunei to Laos and for the last 11 years operation from the Heart of The Philippines in Manila.


There is only 1 Argon...


There is only 1 Tim Bennett

So who you gonna call when you need laser?

Call Tim on 0920 913 4670 and let's discuss WOWing your audience at your next event.

Please contact Tim here


Argon Animation and The Argonettes
Argon Animation at Manila Ocean Park
Argon Animation at Party Pilipinas
Argon Animation Easter Sunday Celebrations
Laser Fun With Argon Animation
Argon Animation Inc in Hanoi
Argon Animation Inc with Manila Ocean Park
Argon Animation at South East Asian Games in Laos
Argon Animation Special Effects

Tim Bennett is The Director of WOW ! for Argon Animation Inc which part of the Argonette group

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