Argon Animation Inc is the only registered company in The Philippines dedicated exclusively to professional laser show special effects.

Argon Management Training - Combining The Passion Of The Entrepreneur With The Power Of The Internet

Artists Artists / Performers are incredible people expressing their passion through the visual forms. An artist, creates art, practices art and demonstrates art!

Beverage Catering is really about serving your audience all the drink needs they have from coffee and tea to full alcoholic bars.

Clothing And Dresses Clothing and Dresses are an essential part of your event. They set the mood for the event just as much as the interior decoration of the room.

The Director basically has overall control of the movie after consulting the producers, investors and script writer and his job is to translate the requirements of all into the movie scenes.

Tim Bennett is The Director Of WOW ! My purpose is to make you say WOW ! When you call me and put down the phone - WOW ! When you get an email from me - WOW ! When you walk away after a conversation - WOW ! Whatever we do together - WOW !

Event Management is handled by the event manager and his job is to translate the requirements of the Events Director and turn them into physical results.

Film Finance - Simply put no money - no movie! Film finance is the life blood of any movie and there are a whole range of different options available. Find out which option suits your movie

A Film Marketing Event is taste, touch and see! The puppy dog theory of selling and is the heart of reaching your audience with just enough information to get them interested to want to see the whole movie. When done properly, there is no better way of getting the audience emotionally charged that a Film Marketing Event

Film Product Placement - Is it a deadly evil or a life saving force to the movie industry? Opinions about Film Product Placement vary - What do you thing about Film Product Placement?

Film Services are essential to a successful completion of a film and the production designer is really the head of this area of business.

The Freelance worker saves the entertainment industry huge amounts of money. Find out how here

Hotels are one of the most popular venues for a special event. Find out why here.

Lasers are one of the most incredible form of light available to man - and no show should be without them.

Once upon an Ocean was produced by Argon animation Inc for Manila Ocean Park

Projection On Water

Projection On Water - Discover The Secrets To Unique Water Screen Shows

Projection On Water - Unique And Awesome

Projection on Water is an art form that for the last 30 years has mesmerized audiences all over the world.

To create these water projections takes a team of engineers, designers and programmers literally hundreds of hours of work to make it all gel together.

The water screen is normally driven by large submersible pumps, placed within the body of water and pumps the water at incredible pressure to a specially designed head that sits on the surface of the water and this creates a water curtain projection surface that can have images projected onto it.

Projection On Water is normally a rear projection system and the water screen shoots up in a semi-circular fashion and the images are seen by the audience sat opposite the screen.

High powered video, slide and laser projectors are used making this a relatively expensive show to run, not just in equipment cost, but also in running costs, making these kind of water screen shows, fairly unique and rare, with only the best entertainment centers and theme parks being able to maintain their operation.

The water screes as they are called can be susceptible to wind, which is probably their biggest enemy.

You can discover who can help and support you here with your Projection On Water


Stage Management is all about organizing what happens on the stage before, during and after the performance.

Tim Bennett is The Director of WOW !

A Venue can be a hotel function room, conference center, theater or other building where works of art or performances of any kind are performed.

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