Filipino Movie Philippine Movies

The Filipino Movie Philippine Movies Industry is awesome!

Filipino Movie Philippine Movies

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I remember when I was 15 deciding that I wanted to make a movie and over the last 30 years I have watch million dollar movie after million dollar movie being churned out and as I saw them on the screen, I knew that I could never get to that level of investment!

In America and England, making movies is so expensive and it seemed that my dreams would never come to be!

So how do you win a game where the rules are written in such a way that you cannot win the game?

Simply… change the rules!

And so living in Manila was to me, a change of rules.

Living here for the last 14 years, I began to realize that The Philippines is full of opportunities for those who look in the right places.

And so it was with much happiness, that after nearly 30 years of dreaming I became part of the Filipino Movie Philippines Movies world and was part of a team that so far has created 2 movies.

And the 1st time I saw my name and my companies name on the cinema screen was simply awesome!

A dream come true and a moment I will not forget and certainly one of those “This is something I can tell my kids about” moments

Filipino Movie Philippine Movies

Why is it that an Englishman had to travel to the other side of the world to get his dreams in Manila?

Well coming from a humble background I did not have the resources to create the kind of movie I wanted to create.

In The Philippines:

1) Costs are cheaper

2) Talent is oozing out all over the place

3) Networks are easier to break into

We have now made two indie movies, “The Boat Between Two Rivers” which won best actress award with Sue Prado in The Davao Film Festival this year and we are in editing of “Bad Romance” right now which will come out in November 2012.

So this area of our site as part of ArgonVision will be about helping movie makers, make their own movies, find the finance to help facilitate that and then to promote their movies and also sharing information about Filipino movies.

We will also be starting a school, where students will study principles of movie making and marketing as well as also promoting their skills, talents and projects online.

We will also be reporting about the latest in film industry including the Filipino Movie.

So keep coming back on a regular basis and discover the are to making movies not only Filipino Movie Philippine Movies