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Film Finance With Tom Malloy

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Film Finance

Film Finance, according to a recent survey I held on Facebook last year, with a number of directors groups, is the number one problem that directors, on a worldwide basis are suffering from.

And so I called up Tom Malloy, Director, Actor And Writer to ask him how he raised 20 million dollars for his movies over the years and I had an amazing chat with him



To Listen To The Whole Chat About Film Financing

With Tom Malloy Here

If you have made a movie or tried to raise money for your film, you know how hard and time consuming it can be and many of you may also have tried Crowdfunding and Product Placement and still found your self struggling.

Well this interview with Tom is for you…

I asked Tom:

  1. Let’s say I’m an aspiring filmmaker, what should be the 1st thing I do before starting a movie?

  2. What do you think about product placement to help Film Finance?

  3. What about crowdfunding when it comes to how to finance a film?

  4. Is the internet changing the way we create finance for movies?

  5. Do you recommend filmmakers get experience in short film financing before they take on a full length movie?

  6. What three things can aspiring filmmakers do today to get closer to making, marketing and selling a movie?

  7. How can Tom help us with his knowledge?

This was a very special one-on-one conversation and hearing the secrets from an experienced film producer will really help you understand the thinking and mindset behind financing a film.

You will be especially interested when Tom talks about Short Film Financing at the 41:47 minute mark of the interview. I had certainly never thought about it from this point of view. What’s your opinion of what he says?

Listen to the audio recording here and then leave a comment below about your thoughts.

If you want to know how to finance a film, Tom also points out that you really need to think about the financial side of the business (yes it’s called show business because it’s also a business) preferably before you get the finished script.

Film finance affects every part of a movie: the script, lead acting roles and locations, and even the scenes will be affected by the budgets and you can look for alternatives without compromising the integrity of the movie.

You can access the full interview with Tom Malloy here

This is the first interview in a number of interviews that I will be doing to help you find solutions to the big problem of Film Finance.


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