Financing A Film – Do It Properly Or Find A Rich Lover !

Financing A Film

Financing A Film Properly – Or Find A Rich Lover!

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I recently had an interview with Georgia Hilton and we discussed Financing A Film at length and this discussion was inspired by one of her articles where she said words to the effect:

“Finance a film properly or get a rich lover!”

I was intrigued and so we had our discussion and we talked about the 8 steps to Financing a Film.

Step 1 is one of the most important steps. It really is the foundation level and just like the foundations in a building, if you get them wrong, the building will always be wrong, but get them right and you could be onto a winner!

Well financing a film is a similar process, as Georgia explains to us in the interview and we took time to make sure the audience really understood step 1 clearly before moving on.

We point out that this whole article about film finance was inspired by someone asking Georgia for money for a film, without doing any of the correct steps of preparation!

You know the guy… “I have the best script in the world, with the best director and It is going to make a load of money…oh and I am the script writer, the director and the lead role and by the way can you send me a check for $20 million as I don’t have any money…and I am really excited as this is my first movie!”

We have all met him…

So Georgia put together the 8 Steps to Financing A Film to help us (and the guy above) create the knowledge and finance we need to make our own movies.

During the discussion we talk about:

Who should fund your first film and why;

How much money you should aim for as return of investment and why;

What kind of movie your first movie should be;

How to make a low cost movie look expensive;

How to get your script critiqued;

Why not to use short movies as part of your film finance resume;

How to use social media before going to Crowdfunding and why;

How to cost your movie and create the payback agreements;

Why having a track record creates a money trail;

And much much more…

This is a one hour interview and Georgia (who was amazing) shares so many tips and leaves a huge trail of crumbs that we can follow to create our film making empire!


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Financing A Film with Georgia Hilton

Georgia goes on to share her contact details with us, so that if we have questions we can get in touch with her and her team of Film Doctors as she calls them!

Great name!

If you want help with film finance, this is essential listening, so do not hesitate now.

Tim Bennett Produced this series of interviews for ArgonVision with Argonette and discusses Financing A Film