How To Find Investors For Film With The Mentor

How To find Investors For Film

How To Find Investors For Film

Every now and then, somebody special walks into your life and says a few words that makes you think for a long time about the way you are doing things.

So it was when Pete DeLorenzo walked into my life!

Pete is a determined man who seems to get things by the teeth and not let go until he is done and so when he asked me for an interview to discuss How To Find Investors For Film, there was almost nothing I could do other than agree.

Once you meet Pete, you will understand why he is a successful, actor, writer, comedian and about 80 other successful hats!

And what was strange about our interview was that everything seemed to go wrong; the audio didn’t work, the recordings came corrupted, my outsourcer couldn’t hear the files I sent and a few other things along the line.

But keeping Pete from the world, despite all the obstacles is a difficult thing to do and during our conversation, we discussed:


How To Find Investors For Film;

Who Pete DeLorenzo is (page 4)

Why being able to entertain people is such a gift ( page 7)

Why it is so hard to find film investors (page 11)

What is it that investors are looking for? (page 14)

Who are the different types of investors (page 16)

What type of investors should I look for? (page 17)

When dealing with investors, who should I stay away from? (page 21)

How do I start finding investors? (page 22)


And much much more…!

Pete is such a wonderful man and with his movie The mentor coming out soon, and with all his life’s accomplishments in life, he was well suited and qualified to be our mentor on AwesomeFM and our discussion about How To Find Investors For Film.




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