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According to a survey I did last year Film Finance was the biggest problem that directors and producers have when making movies.

And If you are reading this I already know that you are looking for help with Film Finance!

Would it make a difference to you if:

  • Tom Malloy who has raised over $25M in private film equity told you his secrets?
  • Georgia Hilton explained to you how she is making a million dollar movie for $75k?
  • Susan Ashbrook (with a contact list of over 5000 celebrities) shared her secrets to product placement with you?
  • Or how about if Gina Gaudio-Graves (her students have created millions) shares her secrets to marketing films online
  • Or how about if Director and Producer Jason Brubaker explains the process he uses?

And what difference would it make to your movie success if you also

had their contact details so you can ask them directly?

Well at Argonette, I share the stories, tips and ideas of these real film directors and real industry experts who have actually done what they talk about!

You Are Not Alone In Your Film Making Pain

As a producer of 2 movies I also felt the same pain of this problem when I made my last movie and had to sell a condominium to raise the required cash.

It is rumored that even Stephen Spielberg had problems raising the $10.5M dollars he needed to make E.T so don’t feel to alone.

I am sure you have asked these questions at one time or another:

  • What can I do to create the film finance I need to make my movies?
  • Where can I find the film financiers I need to make my dream movie happen?
  • What are the important steps I must take and in what order when I am financing a film?
  • Where can I get professional help when it comes to how to finance a film?
  • Is short film financing a good place to start?

These are great questions and on his website, Jason Brubaker (one of our resident experts) has the following to say about film making:


Financing Movies for independent filmmakers is one of the most challenging aspects of the movie making process. You can have the greatest screenplay, the most talented cast and stellar movie locations – but without movie money, you are just another would-be filmmaker with a dream and a passion. The film finance articles at Filmmaking Stuff provide tips on how to view independent filmmaking as a business.”

Source: Financing

Jason is one of our featured guests at Argonette and he and I, along with many other film finance experts share our secrets in The Film Finance Club.

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The Film Finance Club

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Click Here To Access The Film Finance Club


About The Author

Tim Bennett is an entrepreneurial showman who has been involved in the entertainment business for 22 years.

Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett

His passion to entertain and also be entertained has inspired Tim to be one of the best.

Tim entered the world of special effects lasers in 1991 and this took him on a journey around the world and of not only fulfilling his passions but also serving the world with great quality entertainment.

Films were on of his childhood dreams and from the age of 15 there was always that one more thing to do!

At the age of 49, Tim finally conquered another dream and became a producer of 2 indie movies (The Boat Between Two Rivers and Bad Romance) in the Philippines where he now lives.

As a new producer, he saw 1st had other directors and producers struggling with film finance and decided to do something about it.

This website reflects his contribution to the industry and he is presently working on a new project to promote international films in Asia with The Davao Film Development Corporation.

Tim is also the father of a wonderful 5 year old boy called Federico John and is in the process of building a small resort on the island of Busuanga in Palawan.

You can contact Tim for further help here

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