Marketing A Movie With Branding And Licensing

With Pete Canalichio

What is the Secret to branding movies?

What is it that Disney, Warner Brothers and similar film distribution companies do that create their incredible viral marketing campaigns, that just seem to suck in millions of dollars on opening nights and more importantly how can we do it for our movies?

One of the early questions I asked is “what is branding?”


Purchasing is consumer driven, because it reflects on a persons preferences and corporations produce what people want.

Pete Explains that Brand Insistence spills over into movies as movies have in themselves become brands.

Movies connect with their audiences in such a way, that no matter what their target audience is doing, they will watch the movie.

The audience decides where to go based on what movies is playing and the experience they get watching it.

Not only does the branding of a movie affect the experience of the audience, but also the branding of the surrounding areas – it is the experience that makes a movie sell and some of this, we can control as movie producers.

Marketing A Movie With Branding And Licensing is affected by touch points and the messages that are sent out and the branding messages need to be sent out as early as possible, even during the script writing process.

I delved a little deeper and asked Pete, “How do you actually start branding?

Pete clearly explains during this interview the importance of Marketing A Movie With Branding And Licensing and this video is just a small taste of the quality of discussion Pete and I had in the full interview.

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